LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014
LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014

Gonçalo Queirós

Public Bio

Hi there.

My name is Gonçalo Queirós, and i have a computer addiction problem!
(Group: Hi there Gonçalo)

I've been working for a year now at developing the new webmail platform that is based on Horde framework ( It's mainly PHP and Javascript oriented, although occasionally there's some SQL and CSS ( involved.
Some sysadmin task started to fall on my lap also, so I'm now trying to get my strings fixed for Puppet ( while configuring Nginx, PHP, PostgreSql and some other services although in a more 'light' manner.

My main interest for the moment are web apps and the endless possibilities provided by their awesome APIs so some times i find myself thinking 'what if i get this from there, and mash it with a bit of those...'
I also have interest in mobile development and intelligent houses although i never look at them seriously. (I could give you the 'don't have time excuse', but at the end of this bio i actually write about my free time...)
Improving the code I write is also a constant in my head and i still have that shine in my eyes when its a well written one.

From what I've seen in this year's talks, there will be plenty of web related ones, but also some about Arduino that i don't know very well, but would love to get more info on ;) I don't understand why our houses are still so dumb nowadays

Computers aside, i like to watch movies, make sport (soccer and roller hockey) and be surrounded with friends, having great conversations about anything either material or not.

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