Speaker Name

Samuel Junqueira


SAPO Codebits 2014

LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014
LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014

Leading MEO kanal, MEO Music and MEO Jogos technical teams in SAPO.

The innovative MEO Kanal service (http://kanal.pt), empowers the customers of Portugal Telecom’s IPTV service (MEO) to create their own TV channels. Users can upload their own video contents and also photos, from which we generate slideshows, which are then made available for all the other IPTV customers (if the channel is public), or only to those whom the content owners send their private PIN to.

API MEO Kanal for developers: http://kanal.pt/developer

MEO Music is a streaming service of music. It allows customers to listen millions of tracks everywhere (PC/Mac, Smartphone, Tablet or IPTV service MEO). The preferences and playlists always up to date on whatever device customers choose to listen music.

Web API for developers with all public content http://music.meo.pt/web-api

MEO Jogos was a pioneer service in the area of cloud gaming. It is the game-on-demand service of Portugal Telecom’s fiber IPTV service (MEO).

Embrace yourself for the ultimate cloud gaming experience on STB in 2014, we are working on it.