LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014
LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014

Matt Casters

Public Bio

For the last 9 years I have been very busy writing an ETL tool called Kettle. This data integration tool was open sourced in December 2005 and acquired by Pentaho Open Source BI early in 2006. As such I’m now Chief Data Integration for Pentaho mainly doing lead development for Kettle now known as Pentaho Data Integration.

I spoke at Codebits in 2011 and have been regularly speaking at other seminars like the MySQL user conference, Devoxx and FOSDEM and I co-authored Amazon best-selling book 'Pentaho Kettle Solutions' (Wiley 2010), together with Roland Bouman and Jos Van Dongen on the subject of Pentaho Data Integration.

I'm 43 years old and I live and work in Belgium.


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