LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014
LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014


TADHack 2015

While we're busily plotting world domination (sorry, we meant the next edition of Codebits) we thought we'd let you know about TADHack 2015, the biggest telecommunication developer hackathon in the world.

Running concurrently worldwide on the 13th and 14th of June, the European hub will be the Taguspark IST campus, with SAPO's support.

This competition is sponsored by top companies in the field (APIdaze, Ericsson, Google, Oracle, PT Inovação, Telestax, Tropo/Cisco, etc.), who will be available on site to support you during the competition.

Participants will compete for a prize pot currently at $35K, and you can enroll under two categories - hackathon (for original projects) or showcase (integrating existing products and applications with telecommunications services).

So what are you waiting for? check out the schedule and register for an opportunity to show what you can do, share your experiences and network with over 600 other teams from around the world.

Oh, and did we mention the free food? That's right, there'll be free food and beverages as well as transportation to/from the venue.

Still on the fence? Check out last year's promo video and their channel to get a better feel.


Talk Videos Are Now Online!

After a considerable amount of work, we're pleased to announce that the talk videos are now online, save for a small subset that is still being processed.

You can hop on over to SAPO Vídeos to browse all videos, use our playlist, or visit any of the talk pages for a direct link to that video.

We sincerely apologize for the delay, but it was a mammoth task to go through the raw footage, edit it, tag it and upload it all, and we'd also like to thank our volunteers for performing those tasks on top of their day jobs :)


Another Codebits VII recap

Amazing recap videos of Codebits VII made by our friends keep popping up in our mail boxes. This one's from Hipnose, our long time producing partner. We think it's pretty awesome, but you be the judges. Make sure to turn HD on and pump the basses in your amp.


Some assembly required

Our long time friend Pedro Pinheiro placed a set of cameras in strategic spots during the pre Codebits assembly days and produced this high quality time-lapse video we had to share with you.

We should definitively create a special badge just for him.


Contribute To The Codebits Media Archive

Even though we have a fair amount of photos from the event, we're still looking for more quality photography to create a community-sourced archive that highlights the best moments of Codebits 2014, so we decided to ask you for contributions.

In order to ensure a completely level playing field, we propose to put together a public archive of those photos under a Public Domain Dedication, so by contributing your photos, you're implicitly accepting those terms.

So if you're comfortable with that, just upload your photos here during the next 90 days!


HAPPY From Codebits

Codebits isn't quite as big as a city yet, but we sure had no trouble finding happy people there, and this video makes that plain:


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