LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014
LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014

Codebits Workshops ? The Hardware Dens!

This year we’ve decided to up the ante where it regards hardware. Besides bringing in a number of partners and setting up dedicated workbenches, we’re having a larger, dedicated room at the venue apart from the main hall where you’ll be able to concentrate on your work.

We’ve split the space into two “Hardware Dens” with two large workbenches as well as dedicated stands for our partners – Altlab, Artica, the indefatigable Mitch Altman, Ultimaker, InMotion and, of course, the Raspberry Pi Foundation – making it easier for you to meet up with them and for more constant interactions.

Right now, we’re planning for around 48h of workshops, which we’re setting up in the calendar as we get feedback from partners and speakers – so keep an eye out for the ones you want, and make sure you log in and register for the ones you intend to attend.

Just like we’re doing for talks, we’re keeping an eye on attendance, but unlike talks, workshops have hard limits on seats and resources, so we really need you to register for them and cancel your registration if you can’t attend for some reason.

Workshops are sized for anything between 10 to 20 people, and each workshop has a different seat limit (some require specific hardware, some are simply hard to coordinate beyond a given number of participants, etc.).

As usual, workshops are entirely gratis for Codebits attendance, but some require hardware – most of which you’ll be able to purchase on the spot (like Arduino for Total Newbies, which is already a Codebits tradition in its own right).

Other workshops you might like include A Taste of Pi (which has multiple editions scheduled, just in case), this one on NFC, and this one on fritzing, but, as usual, there will be plenty of variety.

Please note that if we reach the seat limit on any workshop, we’ll still let you register, but you’ll be put on a waiting list – and you’ll need to check the workshop page later on to check for cancellations and free seats (there won’t be any e-mail notifications, since in our experience workshop seats tend to be filled way faster than we can warn people…)

So please make sure you’re registering only for the workshops you’re really planning to attend, and that you check seat availability regularly. Help us make these the best workshops ever!

Last but not least, the Hardware Dens will also be home to the Arcade Man, a legendary figure who cares for the preservation of arcade machines of all kinds. And with his blessing, we’re embarking on a quest to preserve vintage arcades for generations to come (a worthy, practically holy effort that requires a lot of inspired hacking and love for vintage stuff).

We hope you enjoy these, so sign up!


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