LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014
LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014

Kinect V2 @ Codebits: be a Kinect VIP!

One of the promises we make, every year, to all of the Codebits participants is to have an agenda of sessions capable of overloading your mind with new skills, ideas, existential doubts and – of course – lots of new stuff so you can say to all your friends “that thing? Seen it at Codebits a few months ago”, so you can be on the leading edge for every single ‘geekologic’ conversation.

Well, this year we deliver on that promise even more: through our partnership with Microsoft, you’ll be able to see in detail – and for the first time in Portugal – the new Kinect V2 during the first day of Codebits, on the session “Kinect v2: the next generation of Motion Sensing”, which will be led by David Renton, Kinect V2 MVP in UK.

Cool, huh? That’s not all, folks.

You’re one of the (best) teams that wants to develop your project using the v1 Kinect for Windows? We’ve also closed a partnership with Microsoft that will allow you to apply, and/or your team, to be one of the 3 Teams to be Kinect VIPs during the event, with access to:

  • A free Kinect for Windows unit (!) – given to you right when you get to the event;
  • Tech support during the event while you develop your solution, through the experts present at the Microsoft booth – including David Renton on the first day of Codebits!;
  • Follow-up support after Codebits on your project, by the Microsoft Portugal staff, if you want to continue your development – tech support, help with marketing, access to resources and MS software, etc.;
  • ...and even a personal assistant which will be available 24/7 to get you in touch with the Microsoft folks that can help with everything you need.

Feelin’ it? Very? Drooling? Send an e-mail to until the 10am of 10th April, when Codebits kicks off, with the title “I want to be a Kinect VIP” and saying 1) the awesome idea you’ll develop during this year Codebits and that will earn you the Kinect VIP title and stuff; 2) why you deserve to be selected, and why do you have what it takes to make your idea come to life – it can be anything, a sentence, a video, an Oscar-worthy-movie,(…); 3) your personal/team info (name, emails, phone number to be contacted saying if you were selected or not, right after 10am!).


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