LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014
LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014

CodeQuest: Show off your 15-minute programming skills

Caixa Mágica has been at Sapo Codebits since the first edition. This year they will be present again and have proposed a challenge to the participants: CodeQuest.

CodeQuest is a game where participants have 15 minutes to show their skills at solving programming problems.

There will be 4 daily competitions at different hours (JS, PHP, Java, and Python). In each event, a small number of participants will compete against each other to solve 4 problems faster than the others.

For each problem you're given a task (e.g., develop a program to calculate the first 100 prime numbers). The code is executed/interpreted and the answer is compared with the expected result. If equal, the challenge is accomplished. CodeQuest does not make "static code analysis", it only compares the result.

To participate you must access the game website (to be announced) and you need to have a code to join the challenge.

To obtain that code, keep an eye out for our announcements or go to the Caixa Mágica stand.


Tiago "xrl" Farto
on , said:

A Linux distro sponsoring a programming compo that doesn't allow C? :(

$geekfactor 0x0

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