LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014
LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014

The Five Golden Rules of Codebits

With the event only hours away, we think it's best to remind you of our five golden rules:

  • No alcohol of any kind is allowed on the premises. Not even for medicinal purposes - medicine has moved beyond that.
  • No squatting or leaving your coats/bags on tables to reserve seats. If you want to sit at the same table for the entire event, then make sure someone from your team is there.
  • If you're not a participant or an official guest, you're not allowed in. No guests, no family, no pets, no recruiters.
  • If you're bringing flying objects of any kind, be extremely careful when using them, and mind the people around you. That goes for nerf guns, quadcopters, anything - even balloons.
  • Pay attention and keep yourself informed. That includes attending the opening keynote for more basic rules and a rundown of the inner workings of Codebits, following this blog, following the @codebits Twitter account (the official hashtag is #codebits, of course), and keeping an eye on our awesome digital signage.

Above all, use your common sense, and when in doubt, ask our crack team of ninja volunteers for help or more information.


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