LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014
LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014

TADHack 2015

While we're busily plotting world domination (sorry, we meant the next edition of Codebits) we thought we'd let you know about TADHack 2015, the biggest telecommunication developer hackathon in the world.

Running concurrently worldwide on the 13th and 14th of June, the European hub will be the Taguspark IST campus, with SAPO's support.

This competition is sponsored by top companies in the field (APIdaze, Ericsson, Google, Oracle, PT Inovação, Telestax, Tropo/Cisco, etc.), who will be available on site to support you during the competition.

Participants will compete for a prize pot currently at $35K, and you can enroll under two categories - hackathon (for original projects) or showcase (integrating existing products and applications with telecommunications services).

So what are you waiting for? check out the schedule and register for an opportunity to show what you can do, share your experiences and network with over 600 other teams from around the world.

Oh, and did we mention the free food? That's right, there'll be free food and beverages as well as transportation to/from the venue.

Still on the fence? Check out last year's promo video and their channel to get a better feel.


Serhiy Boychenko
on , said:

WOw, great that you have not forgotten about us :D!

$geekfactor 0x4

Henrique Ferrolho
on , said:

$geekfactor 0x1

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