LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014
LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014

Vconect API at Codebits

The EU-funded Vconect project brings high-quality video conference to social networks. Relying on partners such as SAPO, British Telecom, Alcatel-Lucent, Fraunhofer Institute and University of London, among others, the project has been very successful in delivering a robust social video prototype integrated with SAPO Campus.

The audiovisual quality offered by Vconect for videoconferencing is better than Skype or Google Hangouts and has a set of cool features such as context-dependent automatic switching between participants. Contrary to WebRTC it has inherent support for group conferencing and offers better scalability of server components and network resources.

Vconect API will be available during Codebits for everyone to use and create their own video conferencing apps. Full documentation of the Vconect API is also available. Vconect will have a presence at the SAPO booths in the event where more information on the platform and the APIs will be available. The core technical team behind Vconect will be attending Codebits and will give technical support to whoever wants to create apps with this API.


Rafael Pereira
on , said:

Era fixe se tivesse um plugin para android :)

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