LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014
LISBON 10-12
APRIL 2014

This year's speakers

This is the lineup of awesome speakers we have for 2014

Aitor Garcia

Aitor García Rey writes code, designs and helps managing Linking Paths, a web company obsessed with creating simple and useful web applications. But he refuses to be only one thing. He is not happy being “a developer” anymore; the tag has become constraining, dehumanizing. He refuses to accept a monochrome version of himself that spans his interests or capabilities only in a few areas. more...


Scripting your way to (im)mortality

Amir Salihefendic

My hacker contributions:
* Blogged since 2000. My blog has been visited by more than 1million unique hackers
* Created one of the most popular vim configurations:
* Open-sourced some of my software: more...


How to build services that are used by millions of people

André Almeida

André Almeida has an extensive professional background in interaction design and software development. After seven years of working and learning at YLabs, tech company YDreams’ research laboratory, André specialized in augmented reality, computer vision and graphical computing. Since the early stages of his life and work, he has been interested in the arts, particularly theater and performance. During his period working for O Olho Theatre Company, he collaborated with some of the most renowned artists in Portugal, creating several scenic and lighting components, and developed an even deeper interest in the various steps in the creative process, from artistic conception to the final result.


Portuguese Makers Hangout

André Cruz

Developer at SAPO since 2005


MEO Cloud: Making of

André Onofre Lima

An Associate CISSP, ISO 27001 Leading Auditor and CCNA Security and a degree in computer science at Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL) with great interest in information security, network security, network admin, and sys admin. more...


Host Intrusion Detection like a boss!

André Santos

Mainly a Perl developer, for the past year I've been thinkering with javascript and node.js whenever I had the chance.

I'm currently a developer in the SAPO Notícias team. In the past, I've worked as a sysadmin at GroupBuddies (, a Braga-based spin-off from University of Minho. more...


Elasto Mania

Bruno Morisson

I'm an infosec geek.

Currently partner @ INTEGRITY S.A., where I spend most of my time managing and leading penetration tests, breaking things, and finding vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.
Lately I was also able to have time to research and contribute to the metasploit framework modules for exploiting SAP systems.


Hard as a rock, shut like a lock

Carlos Rodrigues

I’ve mostly been a professional systems administrator for the past 11 years, in both the academic and corporate worlds. I'm an open-source advocate, and usually prefer working with open-source components. However, the circumstances dictate that a large chunk of my time has been spent managing proprietary databases and systems. more...


Connecting Electronics to the Raspberry Pi - by a non-EE

Celso Martinho

Introversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Perception. Geek. Founder.. Balloons... CTO


Portuguese Makers Hangout

Christian Heilmann

Chris Heilmann has dedicated a lot of his time making the web better. Originally coming from a radio journalism background, he built his first web site from scratch around 1997 and spent the following years working on lots of large, international web sites. He then spent a few years in Yahoo building products and explaining and training people and is now at Mozilla. Chris wrote and contributed to four books on web development and wrote many articles and hundreds of blog posts for Ajaxian, Smashing Magazine, Yahoo, Mozilla, ScriptJunkie and many more.


Firefox OS - HTML5 for a truly world-wide-web

Dan Peddle

Hello there. Let me tell you a bit about myself..

My attachment to Portugal runs deep - seven years living in Porto has this effect. A beautiful country, with creative, intelligent and single minded individuals making things happen. Scratching the surface is always rewarding, but in this particular place, in this particular world, doubly so. more...


Elegant asynchronous, stateful applications in node

Daniel Bento

Owner of:

Currently working at SAPO, on the SAPO Videos Project and some other projects.

I'm studding Physics - Astrophysics and I was also student of Applied Mathematics. I love Computational Physics, Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics and Particle Physics. I have a lot of interest in radio, mainly in radio astronomy. more...


Computational Physics: From the mechanical to the quantum computation

David Amador

Hey there! So my name is David Amador and of all the jobs in the world I choose to be a programmer.

I studied Computer Sciences until I got my first job as a Game Developer. After some time I moved to web development and worked on a wide range of technologies, from PHP backoffices and even web interfaces to set-top boxes. more...


Deconstructing a game

David Cruz

UX/Web Designer, Programmer and Tester from the Quality and Usability Team @ SAPO.
Previously, I worked for the Portuguese Web Archive (

My main motivations are: Open Source, Open Web, Web Archiving and Usability and User Experience(UX). more...


Anti Patterns: the Dark side of usability and interaction

David Gomes

Young student who has been hacking on open source projects for some time now and always happy to learn more. Hoping to have fun at Codebits 2014.

You can find some of my projects on my GitHub page ( and on my Launchpad page too ( I'm also part of the great team behind elementary OS, a Linux distribution with a focus on good design.


What's the deal with Meteor?

David Magalhães

Iniciei a minha ligação com o mundo digital aos meus 7 anos, quando andava a perceber como não estragar uma instalação Windows.

Comecei a dar os primeiros passos a nível de desenvolvimento com o Flash, na altura as únicas linhas que código que usava era Play(), Stop(), StopAndGo(). more...


ZFF75VHB000199448 Ferrari 458 Speciale - Sabias que ?

David Renton

David has worked in the computing sector since graduating from University, both in industry and in education. He has over 10 years’ experience working as a software developer in industry (mostly using FoxPro), over half of that time was for his own company. He has 14 years’ experience in teaching at Further Education level at West College Scotland (formerly Reid Kerr College), where he has primarily taught Computer Games Development. He also has experience in technical support; building/maintaining desktop computers and networking. more...


Kinect v2 the next generation of Motion Sensing

Diogo Antunes

Currently based in Amsterdam, I am a client side developer focusing on frontend infrastructure

At Booking we drive business based on data. Getting the right input for your product by those who really matter, your customers. more...


A/B testing your knowledge

Fábio Santos

Ninja de javascript, responsável pelo Ink.js (

Uso vim e xmonad e linux e aprecio boas marteladas.

Gosto de C, Python e JS, e do github.

Expressão preferida: "Trés manheuse!" (é francês) more...


Ink 3.0.0

Filipa Peleja

I am a PhD student in Computer Science from Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Also, I've been working under supervision of Professor Dr. João Magalhães in the Search and Data Mining group at the Center for Informatics and Information Technologies. more...


Social Media Reputation Analysis in a Sentiment Graph

Filipe Cruz

Informatics engineer from FEUP (LEIC 5y + MEI 2y)

Worked on a couple research projects related to artificial intelligence, search optimization algorithms and urban modelling. Retired from research to work for 2 years as software developer at Take The Wind, a biomedical communications company located in Coimbra. Quit my job to be with girlfriend in Helsinki, Finland for a couple more years, survived doing digital artist work, giving workshops and doing some software freelancing for interactive media. Also ran a little mobile startup until the Artica guys convinced me to relocate back to Portugal to work with them. more...


Centro de Interpretação de Almada Velha

Francisco M.S Ferreira

Agile Software Engineer @ eBay Europe

Specialized front end web engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for solving problems.

Particularly interested in web and mobile companies with high user reach, creators of new markets which have excellent motivated technical teams. more...


Mobile Web, merging responsive and adaptive techniques

Francisco Mendes

Francisco Mendes, 38 years old, is an entrepreneur in love with technology. With a degree in Electronics Engineering and Telecommunications and a post-graduate diploma in Industrial Automation Engineering from the University of Aveiro, began his professional career as an R&D Engineer and subsequently Hardware Director. At the end of 2010, he joined Jorge Pinto and founded bitBOX Electronic Systems, a startup that was born at the University of Aveiro's Business Incubator and that later would become BEEVERYCREATIVE, the company that created the first Portuguese 3D printer.



Portuguese Makers Hangout

Gabriel Gonçalves Poça

My name is Gabriel, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Braga.

I've finished this year (2012) my Degree in Computer Engineering at Minho University and my first year of my Master's Degree also at University of Minho in the fields of Distributed Systems and Decision Support Systems. more...


Arquitectura de CSS

Gonçalo Lopes

Gonçalo received his BSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA), in 2006. In the same year, he joined the Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CENTRIA) under the supervision of Prof. Luís Moniz Pereira to study computational models of cognition. At the same time he joined the YLabs, YDreams R&D division, where he conducted applied research in man-machine interfaces, computer vision, parallel processing and autonomous agents. He was also one of the lead architects behind the YVision general purpose software composition framework. In 2010, Gonçalo joined the Champalimaud Neuroscience PhD Programme and his now working with Adam Kampff and Joe Paton to understand how brains build models of the world.


Portuguese Makers Hangout

Herman Duarte

I've had my first computer at the end of 2001. Assembled my first desktop (my 2nd computer) in August 2003 (still working ;-p).
I hold a degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering from ISEL (Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa). more...


Pentesting iOS Applications

Hugo Daniel Gomes

A minha linguagem de programação favorita é o Haskell, mas também gosto de escrever JavaScript. Tenho uma montanha de projectos pessoais que também nunca deram em nada, tenho outros tantos que dão jeito a umas quantas pessoas que conheço e tenho ainda outros que dão jeito a outras tantas que não conheço. Nesta lista de projectos encontram-se: more...


Como desenhar APIs à prova de bala

Hugo Humberto Plácido da Silva

I believe I'm one of the few lucky people that can say he worked very few days in his life... not because of lack of a job (fortunately), but because when you do stuff you love and you're passionate about almost every single day, there's no boundary between what's work and what's just pure fun. more...


Bitalino: Do-it-yourself Body Signals

Portuguese Makers Hangout

Jaime Jorge

I'm CEO and Co-founder of Codacy, an automated code review service that lets developers, teams and companies be more efficient and less frustrated.

My background is in software engineering, where I hold a MSc in Software Engineering from Instituto Superior Tecnico. more...


Top 11 lessons learned by serving developers

João Miguel Pinto Neves

I am passionate about technology and love Software development.
I enjoy spending some of my spare time working on software projects and exploring and learning state-of-the-art technologies while never forgetting the User Experience. more...


Building Skynet, one Lego brick at a time

João Namorado

I studied Biochemistry at FCUL, but left when the opportunity came to work for SAPO.

I joined SAPO in 1999 to create SAPO's videogames section, which I'm still responsible for. SAPO launched GameOver ( in 2000: it was the first Portuguese videogames portal. more...


Portuguese Indie Game Developers Hangout

João Neves

Portuguese Software Dev living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Studied at Instituto Superior Técnico, now working at Klarna AB ( developing the next generation platform to support Klarna's online purchasing business using Erlang and Riak. more...


An Anarchist's Guide to Software Development

João Poupino

Attended Codebits in 2009 and 2010. Participated in the programming contest in 2009 with a project called Time-based One Time Passwords and in 2010 with ABS - Authentication Buzzword Soup (a QR-code based authentication thingy). Awesome times, indeed :) more...


MEO Cloud: Making of

João Tiago Pinheiro Neto Jacob

PhD Student on the Computer Science Doctoral Program at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Oporto.

Researcher at INESC - TEC (Porto).

Experienced freelance mobile developer (iOS/Android) with several applications on the market. more...


Unity 3D: A hands-on approach for noobs

John Graham-Cumming

John Graham-Cumming is a British programmer and writer best known for having originated a successful petition to the British Government asking for an apology for its persecution of Alan Turing.

Graham-Cumming is the original writer of POPFile, an open-source, cross-platform e-mail filtering program. He is the author of The Geek Atlas, a travel book, and GNU Make Unleashed, a how-to technical manual for the GNU make program. more...


Bronze, Silicon, Biology: The Past, Present and Future of Computing

Johnny Miller

Johnny Miller, is an experienced developer, architect, team lead and agile coach with a history of working at Sky, AOL Broadband and Alcatel-Lucent. Johnny has architected and delivered a number of enterprise platforms using Cassandra as a key component for achieving high availability and efficient scaling. As a result of Johnny's belief in the performance of Cassandra this lead him to join DataStax and drive solutions for Cassandra Big Data.


Cassandra 2.0 and whats coming in 2.1

Jorge Pinto

Jorge Pinto, 34 years old, is a Power Systems Engineering graduate from ESTGA, University of Aveiro. Loves cycling and karate, regularly attends electronic and software Open Source projects. Began his professional career as a Power Systems Engineer, role he kept for quite some time. In 2010, he joined Francisco Mendes and founded bitBOX Electronic Systems, a startup that was born at the University of Aveiro's Business Incubator and that later would become BEEVERYCREATIVE, the company that created the first Portuguese 3D printer.



José Cruz

Trabalho na empresa SAR-Soluções de Automação e Robótica, Lda. Faço desenvolvimento de soluções e sou responsável pela Trabalho em eletrónica, informática e robótica e tenho como hobbies a música, BTT, futebol, entre outros. Faço parte da equipa organizadora da RoboParty, evento que acontece anualmente desde à 8 anos.


Bot'n Roll - Constroi o teu robô

José P. Airosa

Moved to London after getting hired by Digital Science (a software house dedicated to building software to help researchers on their daily life). I have since left my job at Digital Science.

I'm currently working at Simply Business ( as a Senior Software Engineer, which is the largest Business Insurance provider in the UK. more...


Ruby ? Game development! Long lasting relationship?

José Pedro Dias

I'm part of SAPO's JavaScript team, where we aid the remaining SAPO teams, manage some public projects such as INK and develop internal SAPO projects.

I'm interested in the fields of user interface design, computer graphics - visualization and modeling - and collaborative environments. more...


Web Video - building a player for current times

Julien Genestoux

Superfeedr's tireless butler, assistant, confidant, and surrogate father figure.


Going from space to time!

Leonel Alegre

Leonel Alegre, graduated in Education of Chemistry and Physics and completed the Ph.D. in Chemistry at Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon in 2007. After that he worked as a researcher applying NMR techniques to the study of art materials. He joined Ciencia Viva in 2009 where he manages projects of science communication for broad audiences and the development of exhibitions about science and technology.


Portuguese Makers Hangout

Luis Correia

- arduino skills
- Raspberry pi used in two projects (media server + controller)
- smoking soldering fumes since the '80s

past projects:
- Creative DXR3 RGB mod: more...


Presenting the Tricopter or Third time is a charm

Luis Filipe da Silva Oliveira

Trainee , Portugal Telecom Inovação, Aveiro.
Currently I'm developing my dissertation, about interoperability between webrtc and PSTN, taking advantage from the WebRTC APIs
such as GetUserMedia, RTCDataChannel and PeerConnection. The main goal of this more...


Web Real Time Communication: (the 8th) WONDER

Luís Zamith Ferreira

Sou mestre em Eng. Informática pela Universidade do Minho, na área de Sistemas Distribuídos. Além disso sou co-fundador da empresa de Web Development Group Buddies ( Fui um membro activo do Centro de Estudantes de Engenharia Informática da Universidade do Minho (, com principal incidência no Centro de Apoio Open-Source ( do mesmo centro enquanto estudante. Já fui um dos responsáveis pela manutenção do site dos TIUP ( a nível nacional. A nível pessoal já participei em várias TIUP e MIUP e sou um grande entusiasta de Ruby e Rails, TDD e App Design como se pode ver pelo meu blog ( more...


Testing Magic

Mafalda Sequeira

Graduated in Communication Design and finishing a Master degree in Communication Design and New Media, in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, with a thesis about "The Relationship between Visual Design and the Perception of Credibility in Websites". more...


Designing for credibility

Marin Todorov

Marin Todorov is an independent iOS developer and publisher with background in various platforms and languages. He started developing on an Apple ][ more than 20 years ago and keeps rocking till today. Meanwhile he has worked in great companies like Monster and Native Instruments, has lived in 4 different countries, and (more recently) has worked on 10+ titles on the App Store. more...


Overcome your fear of implementing offline mode to your apps

Mário Saleiro

Sou um Hacker/Maker desde pequeno e desde antes sequer saber o que era um Hacker ou um Maker. Comecei nas construções e invenções desde cedo com um carrinho de rolamentos (que resultou na minha primeira medalha de 1º lugar! :D) e outras coisas para brincar com os GI Joes. Hoje em dia sou licenciado e Mestre em Engenharia Electrónica e actualmente sou estudante de Doutoramento em Engenharia Informática, com foco em Visão Computacional biologicamente inspirada para aplicação em robótica cognitiva (Publicações científicas aqui: Hoje em dia "brinco" com electrónica, sistemas embebidos (RPi, microcontroladores), programação, sistemas mecatrónicos, robótica, programação, fabricação digital, e tudo aquilo que me aparecer à frente que possa vir a ser algo mais do que aquilo que é. Sou ainda o autor do blog The Bit Bang Theory (, onde publico todos os meus projectos (máquinas CNC, robôs educativos, etc.), tendo alguns deles estado em destaque em sites como o Hack a Day e o Instructables. Para poder trocar ideias, ensinar e aprender com outros amantes de tecnologia e DIY, juntamente com alguns amigos fundei há 2 anos o eLab Hackerspace (, em Faro. Recentemente ganhei o First Prize Award no Hardware Hacking Contest no


Portuguese Makers Hangout

Martin Naumann

Software magician from Centralway, Switzerland. Javascript fanatic, web evangelist and creator.
Opensource-o-saurus Rex.

I am a FirefoxOS and Meteor.js contributor and if you want to talk about one of the following topics, I am your man: more...


Build your own OS - for fun and profit.

Miguel Duarte

I started my quest in the tech world a few years ago. I’ve always been interested in computers, but my passion only started to flourish during my 3-year Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at ISCTE-IUL. At the end the of 2nd year of my BSc, I started working at a web hosting company ( out of the need to learn even more and because I wanted see what the real world of work/technology was like. I worked as a web developer using PHP/HTML/Javascript/CSS. I’m not that good at coming up with designs, but give me a mockup and I’ll give it life (or die trying!). I really enjoyed back-end programming, learning new frameworks, customizing existing open source software, and integrating multiple services. more...


Cryptocurrency for Dummies

Miguel Mota Veiga

Hello world! :-)

8 years of experience on the IT Security Field, with the opportunity in having involved in several projects regarding Penetration Testing, Incident Handling, Malware Analysis, Vulnerability/Risk Analysis, System/Network Forensics, (H)IDS and SIEM deployment. more...


I can track you, they can track you, everybody can track you

Miguel Ping

Long time Java developer, recently I've been diving in Javascript; I also dip my toes in Ruby and Scala once in a while. I've written everything from one-shot apps to fully bloated J2EE in megacorps.

Right now I'm happily squashing bits and bytes @ the big data team in SAPO. more...


Letting go, or why you should meditate daily

Miguel Regala

A 23 years old guy that studied in Portugal, Belgium, worked at CERN and is currently doing a masters in Security & Forensics at the University of Bedfordshire, U.K.

What do I like?
My passion remains the same: SECURITY. more...


When games play you

Miguel Ventura

Software Engineer at OutSystems.
More details available for those willing to meet in person and chat for a minute!


Building Skynet, one Lego brick at a time

Nick Stanchenko

I have received a five-year degree in computer science from Moscow State University (Russia) and am now enrolled in a master’s degree at the University of Lisbon, focusing on human-computer interaction. I have been programming professionally since 2007; I’ve used around a dozen of languages, but prefer Scala and Python. more...


Android and functional programming for Great Good?

Nuno Jesus

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or


MEO Cloud: Making of

Paulo Trezentos

Co-founder of Caixa Mágica and Aptoide.

Assistant Professor (Professor Auxiliar) at ISCTE, a Lisbon University, I lecture the subjects of Arquitecturas de Computadores and Sistemas Operativos. I'm also researcher at ADETTI, ISCTE research centre. more...


Android Development driven by Numbers

Pedro Ângelo

I'm a PhD student in Digital Media (UT Austin|Portugal program). My research revolves around developing creative programming tools that coordinate and take full advantage of all the nice parallel bits of silicon in our computers (multicore CPUs, GPUs, DSPs, etc.). My research blog is here: more...


Get in the Flow

Pedro Carreno Manha

I am a computer engineer, having finished a Computer Science degree in Instituto Politécnico de Tomar in 2009. Since then I have been working with computers, be it programming or managing and maintaining systems and infrastructures. more...


Open source technologies for language diversity

Pedro Coelho

I'm a 27 year old guy that likes to build and hack stuff. The computer is my primary tool of choice.

I'm currently "in between jobs", or "in between just about anything". Unsure if I'll just keep at it with my current setup and just pursue web/devops related jobs, or if I should re-engage in my studies have a go at a doctorate somewhere. more...


Stop wasting time configuring, let chef do it for you

Pedro Correia

Started out as a traditional graphic designer and many years later i decided to do my own database driven website. Of course it never got done, but on the bright side, i learned some new and interesting stuff. more...


Ink 3.0.0

Pedro Dias

28 years old student of life, distributed systems addicted, lecturer and software engineer by trade.
When not around a keyboard, petrolhead and hiker.
Studied at (BSc) and (MSc), in the past years been involved in all stack's levels. From hardware to software, from backend to frontend, solving problems is the fuel that keeps me away from boredom. more...


A Docker tale

Pedro Gustavo Torres

I'm currently an Agile Coach @ Sonae in Porto, Portugal.


Pair programming

Pedro Nogueira

My name is Pedro Nogueira and I'm 25 years old. I got my Masters Degree in Network and Informatics Engineering from FCUP in 2011 and I'm currently a Ph.D. student at the Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Lab at FEUP, as well as an external graduate student at the Human-Computer Interaction and Game Science Lab at the University of Ontario, Canada. more...


Biofeedback Gameplay Mechanics: Using Physiological Sensors

Pedro Saleiro

I'm a Researcher at Labs Sapo UP where I'm working in the POPSTAR project ( and REACTION. My research interests consist in Data Mining, Machine Learning and Information Retrieval.
I usally work wiht Python and scientific data analysis tools (SciPy, Pandas, sklearn), NoSQL, SQL, C++. more...


Sexy Data Science: a walkthrough using Python

Peter Bouda

I am a freelancer, programmer and hacker from Germany, now living in Portugal. Codebits was one of the first events I visited after I moved in 2010, and I instantly fell in love! It's true: I love Portugal, because of Codebits and Bacalhau. more...


Open source technologies for language diversity

Rafael Matias

Rafael aka Skyle is currently a Trainee at Centralway's Academy.

Hello Codebits!

I just recently finished my BSc in Computer Science at ISEL and my main interests are web applications and their security. more...


Secure coding, gamification and automation for the win

Rodrigo Ventura

Professor Auxiliar no Departamento de Engenharia Electrotécnica e de Computadores do Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa. Membro permanente do Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica - Lisboa. Doutorado em Engenharia Electrotécnica e de Computadores pelo Instituto Superior Técnico, com uma tese na área da contribuição das emoções para a tomada de decisão. Interesses de investigação actuais: robótica cognitiva, inteligência artificial, aplicações em robôs de busca e salvamento e em robôs de serviço e domésticos.


Introdução ao ROS (Robot Operating System)

Rui Oliveira

I am a teacher and researcher at the High Assurance Software Laboratory of Universidade do Minho. During the last eight years I've been working to build an open framework for database replication and clustering. Relational databases have been the keystone of information systems' dependability. They offer a uniform approach to data integrity and durability using tried and tested techniques based on a set of unanimously accepted assumptions. However, current systems leave a lot to be desired in terms of fault tolerance. Centralized systems (no matter how powerful and expensive they are) have inherent scalability issues and do not tolerate a crash without undergoing downtime for repair. more...


CumuloNimbo BigData platform

Tanja Pislar

Lurking in an infinite pool.
Love creating - illustration, programming, music.

The facts:

Working with tech for the last 15 years.
Mostly web.
For the last 8 years living abroad - Denmark and UK.
Currently living in London. more...


Elixir - what's in it for me?

Teresa Deus

I took a bachelor's degree at ISEL in Network Communications and Multimedia Engineering and a master's degree on Computer Engineering in Multimedia at ISCTE-IUL University.

For the past two years, I've been having fun developing and working in Aptoide. I've been responsible for the User Interface and User Experience of Aptoide Android application ( more...


User Interface and Usability for Android

Tiago Henriques

Tiago 'Balgan' Henriques currently is the CEO at BinaryEdge. A startup located in Zürich,Switzerland.

At the university he did some part time lecturing on a different range of topics, from Computer Security, to Networking and Cryptography. His main interests are: Cryptography, Pentesting, Information Security, Computer Security and Forensics, Vulnerability research. more...


Secure coding, gamification and automation for the win

Tiago Machado

Designer, Maker & Lecturer. Founder at Playout. Head of Design at Instituto Superior Técnico. Lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon.

I'm a multidisciplinary designer living and working in Lisbon, Portugal. I founded the design studio Playout in 2006, while still living at Porto, where I was born in 1984. Since then I have been working in the studio and on public and private institutions. I work mainly within the visual communication field — designing, researching and developing physical and digital artifacts —, but with a strong interest in the possible intersections of art, design, science and technology.


Designing for credibility

Tiago Rorke

I am an industrial designer who specialises in digital fabrication and physical computing, and have equal passions for making and teaching.

I am also a co-founder of London-based Diatom Studio. We are a design studio that is exploring the possibilities of interaction, digital fabrication and computational design, and our projects include an open-source design-your-own-furniture tool called SketchChair, and Piccolo, a tiny open-hardware cnc platform. more...


Building a tiny CNC bot

Tomás Senart

I have been fiddling with computers in the service of my own curiosity for a considerable amount of time. The computers have been fiddling with me too.

My current interests in no particular order:
Security, Systems Architecture, Data Modeling, Distributed Computing, Monitoring Pipelines, Functional Programming more...



Tor Björn Minde

Tor Björn Minde is head of research strategies at Ericsson Research with 30 years experience in mobile communication, multimedia & applications.

He holds an adjunct professorship at Lulea University of Technology in signal processing. His main research interests are geo, sensor, context aware and machine learning technologies. He has lead the team behind Ericsson Labs with the objective to improve Ericsson ability in open innovation offering experimental API's for mobile applications. Lately his main focus has been on cloud infrastructures for energy efficient operation. more...


The Next Frontier - 5G, Big Data and Cloud

Vasco Amaral

Research Engineer, Portugal Telecom Inovação, Aveiro.
Framework and client WebRTC, taking advantage from the WebRTC APIs
such as GetUserMedia, RTCDataChannel and PeerConnection. The main goal of this more...


Web Real Time Communication: (the 8th) WONDER